Understanding the importance of a business card

We know what a business card is. During any important business meeting with your clients, you exchange the business cards. The business cards consist of some important details such as contact person’s name, his contact details (phone number, email ID) and also that person’s designation. These details often prove to be useful in further communication. […] Read more


Promote your product with Copywriting

Getting the right marketing message is must. Effective marketing copywriting is the only of reaching your customer emotions. No doubt images attract but the text is the point of action. There are many challenges you face while marketing any products or services. You have to stand out unique and ping your consumer all the time. […] Read more


Customer Acquisition methods and practices

Realizing potential from an old customer The growth of a firm in an IT industry or for the matter in any industry, mainly revolves around the acquisition of new customers. This could involve finding customers who previously were not aware of your service, or they could also be the customers who were previously doing business, […] Read more

Understanding why Advertising and Media services are important

Advertising and media services help to market a company or a product. Communication outlet, such as e-mailer, poster are some examples of advertising and media services. It is a right way to connect to your audience. Also, it helps you to deliver the right media to your client. Many companies are unaware of the advertising […] Read more


How to keep up with the latest Outsourcing trends

While the outsourcing industry has grown over the years, at the same time, it has become competitive too. Though Business Managers have pressure to get new contracts signed, the job is much tougher to retain or extend your existing contracts. So what are the expectations of your Outsourcing client? Knowing them can definitely help you […] Read more


How to craft effective Copywriting

Copywriting is a serious business. No matter whether you own a small firm, medium business or a large scale industry, getting a right path of sales oriented copy is important. Effective copy can build or smash an ad or website anytime. An elegant website design with brilliant navigation also depends on what visitors read. Any website […] Read more

Sep, 22, 2015



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