Latest Business Technology Trends that you should also follow

Technology has occupied every inch of people’s lives; then how would business remain far from it. Technology is moving at an unparalleled speed. It has given so many instruments to the world, that business is also known as digital business these days. Some of the instrument that are being used in latest business technology trends […] Read more

Oct, 30, 2015



Unearthing the opportunities of Business Process Automation is the key to smooth business expansion

One of the major hurdles that CEO’s face today is to how to cope up with the infrastructure challenges when they think of growing and expanding. Infrastructure expansion requires additional office space and manpower, and that’s quite a pricey bet today. Also, it may not be a good idea to immediately because you never know […] Read more

Industry Profiling and its advantages

Industry Profiling can prove to be a powerful tool when setting up strategies for your business. Big or small; every business needs to know its competition in the market and tackle it with the most effective tactics. And Industry Profiling can help these businesses decide their next moves. Here is a small write-up about what […] Read more

Implementing successful SaaS Business Model

Many organizations today are favoring the SaaS business model due to its immense success. It is also a win-win situation for the cloud service providers because Software as a service can offer huge profits. However, the market is huge, there hundreds of other cloud service providers and there is enormous competition. Finding success in this […] Read more

Oct, 23, 2015




You are in News! – Effects of news writing

To be in News can be good or bad depending on what news you are covered in. A controversial news is certainly not a good place to be in; but it certainly grabs more eyeballs than a not-so-controversial news! However, this does not mean that your business should be a part of a controversial news. […] Read more


Adapt to Changing Markets and Don’t Let Your Business Go Extinct

Do you want to pride yourself in being referred to as a dinosaur? Think again! Across many industries, large organizations have failed and gone extinct due to a lack of agility to adapt to changes in market dynamics; they considered themselves too big to fail or immune to market changes. Whether it is the lack […] Read more

Oct, 20, 2015



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