BPaaS As A Key Enabler For Tomorrow’s Companies

Presently, focusing on core competencies has become the aim of many organizations, and the most vital thing is to focus on solutions that streamline processes. To smoothen this process, automation of a number of processes through programs on proprietary platforms is done. The efficient implementation and maintenance of these platforms often demand heavy infrastructure and […] Read more

Nov, 23, 2015



Mystery Shopping Can Earn You Essential Business Insights

Companies use Mystery shopping to measure the quality of service, and the overall experience of the everyday customer. However, this concept of mystery shopping is not new. In ancient times, kings were known to mask themselves as commoners and mingle with the common people to find out the correct information about what people think about […] Read more


How Technology is changing the face of the BPO Industry

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), looked through different eyes, be it the vendor/service provider or the owner of a corporate business, has traditionally been viewed owlishly as a means for the corporate entities to cut down cost and increase profitability through labour arbitrage . Assisting the same discussion, technology has played a greater role in transforming […] Read more


Market Research Trends that has dominated year 2015

The business world has been seeing tectonic shifts, which has been driven by a series of forces like technological innovations, mobile devices, internet and the social media, and has a huge impact virtually on every business function in organizations. These forces has also affected Market research and some paradigm shifts have been seen here as […] Read more


10 Practices To Turn Your Vendors Into Real Valued Business Partners

To have a successful business and to gain a competitive advantage, it is important to build and nurture relationships with the “RIGHT” vendor for your business. To put it in simpler words, success of your business and going to market is extremely dependent on how successful your vendor is. Moreover, in such a hypercompetitive market, […] Read more

Nov, 04, 2015