The Role Of A Mystery Shopping Editor

The basic process of mystery shopping involves the mystery shopper going on an secret shopping assignment and then writing a detailed report on the experiences and further sending the same to the business. But the story doesn’t end here, because what happens after that is even more crucial. The mystery shopping industry involves end number […] Read more

The Role Of Financial Statements In Business Decision Making

Financial statements, one of the most important aspect of any business which provide a clear picture of the company’s financial health for a particular period of time and also at any given point in time. Financial statements are the best gears which provide vital information about the company overall financial health. When it comes to […] Read more

6 Top Most Common Challenges In Revenue Cycle Management

Talking about the revenue cycles in healthcare’s today, well these cycles are quite dynamic as it continues to grow and progress. These on-going evolution’s impose a number of challenges on the professionals involved in it. Be it improper processes and policies or billing errors these challenges come in different forms making it immensely crucial for the providers […] Read more

Industry Analysis: How Is It Important For Your Business

The term industry means a group of firms who sell similar products or services. It doesn’t matter which type of business you are into, it can be a service business, manufacturer, retailer, or any other, but it is immensely important to know the in and out of the industry you are actually into. Industry analysis […] Read more

Online Research A Powerful Tool, Advantages Of Online Research

The Internet has always been an immensely powerful channel. Be it accessing information or sharing information, through internet one can do it all. In the current era the web is being used widely as a tool for conducting online research. This allows business to access momentous amount of information that too without geographic boundaries and […] Read more

Top 5 Secrets To Successful Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping enables the companies to measure quality of service, compliance with regulation and also gather specific facts about their products and services. The mystery shopping assignments are taken up by the mystery shoppers, who perform particular tasks like purchasing a product, ask questions, register complaints or behave in certain ways at the assigned shop. […] Read more

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