A Special Day spent with the Children at Saraswati Anath Shikshan Ashram

Saraswati Anath Shikshan Ashram is a unique shelter home for deprived, isolated, parent-less children who do not get any support from society. It is a non-profit organization located in Dapodi city Pune. The organization tries to bring light in their lives. iSN team visited the orphanage and gave presents to the orphans. The employees talked […] Read more

The Top 5 Benefits Of Market Research

Market research is a systematic approach to collect and analyse objective data about your target market, competition, and environment. The goal of every business further should be to increase their understanding of them. To squeeze out benefits from market research, one needs to understand that market research should be an on-going effort. The power of […] Read more

What Do Mystery Shoppers Evaluate In A Retail Outlet?

We always say mystery shopping is an excellent tool which helps a business to improve their customer service. But every thought what do the mystery shoppers evaluate in a retail outlet? Well when a mystery shopper is out on an assignment in a retail outlet, they have a pre-arranged list of things to look for. […] Read more

Top 5 Tips To Be A Good Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers without a doubt are the most important part of the mystery shopping exercise. To be an efficient mystery shopper the most important requirement is to understand the roles and responsibility well, and also understand how the role would make difference for the organisation’s future customer experience. Many people often consider the job of […] Read more

Capturing Customers Data In The Digital World

The world is transforming rapidly and there is just no secret that it has gone digital. With this transformation happening in an on-going basis, it has become immensely crucial for businesses to go beyond their ways to figure out how to go digital and also focus on monitoring the data which comes along with this […] Read more

Top 6 Tips To Store And Organise Financial Documents

Storing important financial documents safely is among the top priorities for any business. Any sort of failure in keeping proper records can land you big trouble. Important financial documents should be organized, accessible, and stored carefully. Let’s discuss top 6 tips to organize your financial documents. Tips To Organise Financial Documents  Image Credit: 1. […] Read more

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