Mentioned here are 10 Myths about competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence is often perceived as negative. This is more because it is termed as unethical, costly and most vital of all people are not aware of its requirements. Being a competitive intelligence service provider I believe it is our responsibility to make all aware of such myths and let all be benefited with CI […] Read more

Different Ways To Use Competitor Monitoring

So why should you track your competitors? There are enough reasons for you to track the competition. When it comes to formulating a perfect business strategy, there are a number of external forces which directly impact it. Be it the consumers, suppliers, or the competitors all have a huge impact on the business strategy. Hence, […] Read more

Six Basic Requisites For Achieving Results Through Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping or secret shopping is a research tool that involves posing as a regular customer to measure the quality of the customer service provided by a business. The findings of this study are reported back and used in many different ways to improve services. This tool excellently measures the quality of customer service from […] Read more

4 tips how to use mystery shopping program as a tool for competitive research

In today’s customer-centric environment, understanding how each of your stores is performing is one thing, but when your biggest competition is upping the game you should be in the know. The concept of survival of the fittest is no more, into existence now, but it is the survival of most informed. What can be a […] Read more

Why Should You Know Your Industry Before You Start Your Business?

Irrespective of the type of business you run or plan to run, knowing your industry inside and out to be immeasurably crucial. Thinking why? Well the reason is pretty simple, everything that happens outside of your business will have a direct or an indirect effect on your business in some or the other way. So […] Read more

5 Things That Will Help You Gather Optimum Market Research Data!

Market research is an integral part of any business strategic plan. The valuable data collected by the researchers are used to determine the market value of an organization, a product, or a service. It is used to make the right decisions for the organization that helps draw in more profit in the business. Therefore, it is […] Read more

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