Four Steps That Constitute The Cycle Of Competitive Intelligence

The process of collecting, examining and distributing the information relating to competitors, products, customers and any other aspect of the business landscape is known as Competitive intelligence. This information is imperative for those who are involved in the strategic decision-making process for the business. Competitive intelligence is one of the most important keys to improve […] Read more

Mentioned here are innovative approaches to online research

A research medium that has ever undergone innovation and experimentation is surely the World Wide Web. It offers the researchers an easy access to the whole universe of potential consumers. Most importantly, it presents a ready canvas to paint ideas in a constantly expanding variety and a cheap and effective way of adapting concepts and […] Read more

10 Best Attributes of a Successful Mystery Shopper

We all know that how efficient mystery shopping can be depends on how well mystery shopper is able to conduct the shopping activity. Companies make important decisions based on the data provided by a mystery shopper. Any person is not a born efficacious mystery shopper. But if following mentioned attributes are inculcated surely a person […] Read more

Reasons Why It Is Better To Outsource Market Research

Market Research is indispensable for most of the companies. It helps them to determine clearly the wants and needs of their target customers, also to find out how the customers behave to their marketing efforts. More and more businesses are considering outsourcing their Market Research to expert third parties to get, the more specific data […] Read more

Here are 10 tips how a successful mystery shopper can help the editor

When a mystery shopper submits the report, it will be reviewed by an editor. The editor will not only review the report for proofreading, but there is much more to an editor’s job. The editor makes sure that the mystery shopper report is completed on time, is as per the guidelines, and contains all the […] Read more

2 Components Mandatory For Any Document Management System

Every business organisation, whether big or small needs a way to store their files. Having the right system for storing business documents in place ensures that you are keeping all the vital information protected and at the same time making it simpler for your employees to collaborate with one another for the quick and successful […] Read more

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