5 easy strategies to win over your competitor with web monitoring

5 easy strategies to win over your competitor with web monitoring

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The old saying “Know your enemies, even better than your friends” still prevails because in battle, knowing your enemy’s strategies and next moves provides the ability to launch a preemptive strike or at least to plan counter strategies for their next move on the battlefield. Though we are not practically on the battlefield the comparison suggests a smart strategy for the business battlefield. In today’s era, Web monitoring throws an opportunity to know your competitor better.

Mentioned below are strategies to win the art of war over your competitor with web monitoring

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Twitter analysis of competitor: Many companies tend to share a lot of information on social media, in their eager to communicate. This makes Twitter one of the easiest way to keep up to speed on what’s going in the “enemy camp”. You can even follow a few of their key people on Twitter. They may speak up something critical to their upcoming strategy.

Online surveys: The best way to keep up with your customers through web monitoring is to know exactly what they want. Guesswork and gut instinct are not sufficient, so business owners and marketers often turn to surveys to gather data about their target consumers. Utilize the power of surveys to research a target market, understand buying habits, get product feedback, measure customer awareness, gain new customers, and competitor analysis for sure.

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Blogs and newslettersKeeping a track on competitors blogs and newsletters gives you an edge to understand how your competitor communicates with its consumers and clients. Their blogs and newsletters are a showcase of their marketing strategy. Keeping a constant track on it will give you a deep insight on its upcoming strategy.

SEO rank of your competitor: Where does a company stand in terms of visibility in search engines can tell you a lot about their future strategies? By web monitoring your competitors ranking in search engines, you will not only be able to see how your company performs in the big picture, you will also see what type of products and services that are key to them. A deep insight into their SEO strategy will help you understand their business better.

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Social listening tool: To track everything a competitor is posting through web monitoring social listening tools are one of the best options. By keeping an eye on their social channels and posts, you’ll gain insight into what they’re sharing, how they’re talking to customers, and the topics performing well—and not so well—for them.

The above-mentioned strategies are just a few of most easy ones for competitor’s web monitoring. But it requires a complete dedication to keeping a track on your competition. Outsourcing web monitoring services to a well-known organization is a better option. iSN Global Solutions is a provider of all web monitoring, competitor analysis, market research, mystery shopping and various other services. Take the benefits of such services to win the art of war over your competitor.

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