7 Benefits that companies benefit from Mystery shopping

7 Benefits that companies benefit from Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping is considered to be an excellent customer service and marketing tool for companies. This is for one clear reason, i.e. this program provides the business with clear information about their position in the market and opportunities to improve. The quality of the information that the mystery shopping program can extract is just unbeatable. Here are a few benefits that companies benefit from mystery shopping.

Mentioned below are benefits that companies benefit from mystery shopping

  1. Review of internal processes and procedures:How customers are treated or how an unsatisfied customer needs to be tackled? Or is the new sales scheme well implemented by the staff members? All this information can be gathered through mystery shopping activity. It will help your organization to review your internal processes and procedures and to overcome the loopholes.competitor benefits
  2. Analysis of competitors:Being in business creates a natural zeal to know more about your competitors. Any business can have a competitive edge over others in the industry if they have accurate information about their contenders. Mystery shopping activity can provide a company with all required information right from their pricing strategy, their USP’s, their policies, services, product description and much more. This can be a vital information for your business to tap the untapped market area and create a monopoly in the business.
  3. Makes employees aware of what is important in serving customers: In today’s era offering extra service along with your product/service can be an extra winning deal for your business. Many and many businesses are opting for a mystery shopping program to know what exactly customers want more in the form of service. This can help you to create a niche for your business in the market.
  4. Review customer brand perception:Brand symbolizes your image in the market. Brand specialty for some business may be in the form of touch or feel or quality or experience or some specific value for your customers. This brand image should be perceived by customers through your enhance service. Mystery shopping can help you know where you stand in terms of the brand image that you want to create and help you improve.
  5. performance benefitsMonitor and measure service performance: Mystery shopping is the best tool to monitor the performances of your staff/service especially when no one is there to monitor them. Service offered to any customer can be best measured by the level of customer satisfaction. A well-prepared questionnaire for mystery shopping activity can answer how satisfied customer feels with your service. This will also give you a hint of improvement in your business.
  6. Improves customer retention: If the business is well aware why the customer is not happy with the product or service there won’t be any such issue as customer retention. A survey suggests that obtaining a new customer is much more difficult than retaining the existing one. A well-planned mystery shopping activity can identify the reason why the customer is not happy with the service/product and help business reduce customer retention eventually.training - benefit
  7. Identify training need:Mystery shopping exercise highlights your service points viz. how your product is displayed, is the store clean, are your staff well informed about the product, do they welcome customers when you enter, do they help them in shopping and so many unending questions. A well-planned mystery shopping activity can help you answer them all. This will help you evaluate minor and major decisions with respect to your employees to which are the segments to impart training to your staff.

A well-performed mystery shopping activity can give you an insight into your company. But if the activity is not planned properly, it can be a waste of time and efforts. Outsourcing mystery shopping is the best option to derive maximum benefits from it.

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