Applying for Mystery shopping job? Here are tips on writing sample!

Applying for Mystery shopping job? Here are tips on writing sample!

Are you applying for mystery shopping job? Welcome to the world filled with fun and mystery! Every mystery shopper has to write a report about observations made in the shop. That is why one of the mandatory step implied by every mystery shopping company in the application process is to present them with the writing sample. A scenario would be given to you and a professional mystery shopper write-up is expected from a deserving applicant. This is because the most vital part of the entire mystery shopping program is the mystery shopping report. Mystery shopping report is the only mode of communication between a mystery shopper and the client. This writing sample gives them a lot of information about your abilities. Here are a few tips on how to make your sample application the best!

Here are tips on writing sample application for a mystery shopper job applicant


Stick to the scenario – A scenario is would be provided to you by the client for the application process. An ideal writing sample should be built around the scenario provided. This will give your client a clue that your mystery shopping report would be to the point only.

Write sensible – It is important that the writing sample you are presenting makes sense. If scenario asks, for example, were you greeted within 30 seconds of your visit in the shop? If you write yes, I was greeted at 1min 30 Sec of my visit in the shop, then how would that ever make sense? So tell the truth and see to it that your answers are mature enough. These depict your skill!

Be objective – Offer your experience as it is. Don’t be subjective. That doesn’t mean that you answer your questions in a yes or no format only. In fact, add information to your yes or no questions. For example, if you are asked the question was the shop properly illuminated. Your answer can be – Yes. It was well illuminated and all products were displayed under well managed light effectively.


Don’t provide your opinion – You may even lose your job if your writing sample is full of opinions. Your job is to provide with the information and not the conclusion. You are not supposed to write that it was the worst customer experience I ever had! In fact, your writing sample should be factual that I was not greeted within 30 seconds of my visit. I was not assisted by any employee for my shopping and likewise. You are hired to stick to the facts and not to provide your opinion.

Check on all your spellings – Spelling mistakes you can’t dare to do. Check your writing sample thoroughly for any such mistake. A wrong spelling can sometimes even change the point of view you are trying to put forth.


Presentation – Presentation is the first impression of your writing sample of your client. Impress them with well formatted and structured writing sample. It doesn’t mean to add too many pics or make it too much colorful. Your writing sample should have proper font size, easily readable font and professional look.

Grammar – Grammar mistake in writing sample is considered as a crime. Proofread your writing sample before submission. Even you can use apps like Grammarly, Ginger, and lots of other apps available online.


Submit your application well before time – Timely submission of your report is a very important criterion for applicants writing a sample. Providing on time mystery shopping report is crucial for the very purpose of a mystery shopping program.

Your applicants judge you from your writing sample. It shows your mindset, your thought process, your writing skills and even your attitude. A well-written writing sample can land you the best mystery shopping job. You can read more blogs on writing sample skills from our website Apply with isn global solutions and fulfill your dreams of working with the best mystery shopping company.

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