10 Best Attributes of a Successful Mystery Shopper

10 Best Attributes of a Successful Mystery Shopper

We all know that how efficient mystery shopping can be depends on how well mystery shopper is able to conduct the shopping activity. Companies make important decisions based on the data provided by a mystery shopper. Any person is not a born efficacious mystery shopper. But if following mentioned attributes are inculcated surely a person can become one.

Here are the best attributes of a successful mystery shopper 

  1. Good eye for detailsMystery shopping exercise is to basically observe and evaluate various aspects of business. A Mystery shopper is expected to note down minute details with respect to products, services, operations, procedures and policies, business outlook, and other areas. This information is recorded and reported; later an analysis is made so as to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in the business. Thus, one of the most important qualities of a mystery shopper is that he should have a good eye for details.

details2.Good Memory – Mystery shoppers have to record each and every important observation about the business. This can be done only till it is fresh in their minds as memory fades off quickly and over time. They even cannot note down in front of employees as they may get suspected of being a secret shopper. Hence, an effective secret shopper should have a good memory.

3.Reliable – A very large part of being a quality mystery shopper is sticking to the word. Mystery shoppers should provide true and accurate data and should not manipulate it at all. Because these data is then used by companies in decision-making.

communication4.Effective Communication Skills – During shopping activity the secret shopper needs to bring out many aspects of business from the employee without getting suspected. Even he/she should be able to speak the language fluently so as to communicate efficiently with the employee and in such a way that assignment gets done proficiently.

5.Slightly Creative – Mystery shopper needs to be more creative while communicating since the activity is to be carried out secretly. He/she would have to show enthusiasm as though shopper is shopping for own interest and may have to manage the talk or may even have to drift the point swiftly wherever required. The secret shopper may even require justifying creative reasons for shopping.

creative6.Organization and Planning –For a shopper to be a successful mystery shopper he/she must have good planning and organizing skills. Keeping separate folder and records for each company can avoid unnecessary mess. Also, which assignment is to be accomplished next day should be planned well before.

7.Dedication – Mystery shopping is neither easy nor is it a rocket science. The secret shopper needs to keep a note when he/she is expected to visit the shop, what exactly needs to be found out. The shopper should do homework about the assignment beforehand. All a shopper is expected is to follow companies or clients’ directions dedicatedly and prepare report immediately after the activity so as to keep a note of the minute details.

8.Amiable nature – A successful mystery shopper appreciates good service. He/she should be friendly while talking to employees and should look upon a job as an opportunity to help improve the service levels at the places they like to visit. He/she should feel pride in doing this.

objective9.Objective – Client or company is concerned about the facts that the secret shopper comes across. They are not much concerned with how the shopper felt. So, the secret shopper must be more objective.

10.Writing skills – Secret shopper can present the report more effectively with effective writing skills.

These are the Best attributes of the effectual Mystery Shopper. It is important that mystery shoppers carry out their shopping activity reliably, objectively and dedicatedly. Are you looking for such proficient mystery shoppers? ISN can help you select the most efficacious mystery shopper with their Shopper Scheduling Services. We can help you get the candidate from diverse fields and knowledge areas. Contact us for our Mystery Shopping Support Services now. 

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