Biggest mystery shopping misconceptions! Don’t have faith on them!

Biggest mystery shopping misconceptions! Don’t have faith on them!

We often hear about excuses against secret shopping research that can be rather called as mystery shopping misconceptions than a real and justifiable drawback. This is more because of few negative folk tales prevailing about it. I feel being a mystery shopping service provider; it is our responsibility to pull off the veil of these misconceptions.

Don’t have faith on this biggest mystery shopping misconceptions

scamMystery shopping is scam

This is one of the biggest mystery shopping misconceptions that many people still have. Though many scams have been reported, but there are hundreds of legitimate mystery shopping companies ready to hire you as a shopper! One needs to legally do the homework before having blind faith in any mystery shopping company.

Mystery shopping is spying on employees


Mystery shopping is assumed to be a spying program by many employees. There are even mystery shopping misconceptions that mystery shoppers are hired to fire employees. In fact, many retailers inform their employee’s beforehand about the program. As a result, their behavior is improved with every customer (as they don’t know who the secret shopper is). It is a good idea to introduce employees the applied criteria their work and attitude will be evaluated by and which criteria should be harmonized with the general level of expectations in the company.


Mystery shopping only emphasizes negative aspects

The aim of mystery shopping is to determine the gap between the protocols, standards and the real performance. For this, of course, the employees need to be tested, but not only will their mistakes be identified. Even if there is any fault or gap in the training process by the management can be identified. If such types of mystery shopping misconceptions exist in employees then it is also advisable to place a special emphasis on strengths of employees to provide a great basis for their further development.

identifyMystery shoppers can be easily identified

If these mystery shopping misconceptions have ever been true, then the entire business of mystery shopping has been closed by now. The business is still booming because it gives result without being identified. Many mystery shopping companies like iSN Global Solutions impart the best training to secret shoppers. They are also asked to do their homework well before they start with their assignment.

Mystery shopping is like market research

This is again a very big mystery shopping misconception. How can they ever be same? Market research is about customers and their perceptions while mystery shopping is about employees and breaching the gap between their expected behavior and real-time behavior.

The results of mystery shopping research are highly dependent on the capabilities, skills, and experiences of the secret shoppers allocated to the project. iSN global solutions not only provide Mystery Shopping Support Services, but also train mystery shoppers and even guide them for each project. We believe this provides a great advantage when it comes to the quality of the job done by our Secret shoppers.

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