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iSN generated a contact database across the UK as an input for a business development team; a big name in the business of supplying events & equipment.

Client Problems

Need to generate a contact database for their business development team across the UK.

What Solutions Did iSN Propose?

iSN undertook volume analysis based on the input we got from the client. We recruited manpower that was needed according to the required skill and ability for the work to be done. iSN Team Leaders were trained for the process via video conferencing. All the sources that we received data from such as LinkedIn, Paid Data Sources & company websites were identified properly and validated. A proper quality schedule was created for the pre-delivery uploads. Email validation tools were identified to verify if we had the correct email addresses of the clients and it helps to catch typos. To reduce the TAT, the entire framework that was set up for the post to go live was reevaluated. Weekly client calls were also set up so that we could get feedback from the clients for associates. There were briefings to train the freshers to for better performance.

Final Results?

The clients provided the exhibitor’s URL by sharing it on the google spreadsheet. iSN team then exported the URLs that were received by the client of the company and also open searched the company websites & business websites. The client then approves the specific template to capture emails & phone numbers. The quality assurance team will then go ahead and check the 10-15% data and the output of that data that can be shared with the client. The iSN team will also recheck the data and update all the new contacts if the client asks for it.

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