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August 2018


This is a case study on how we paved the way for JOBPROGRESS, a Business Management Platform for Home Improvement Contractors, to achieve exponential success by easing their lead generation process.

What Were The Clients Problems?

They lacked the skills to analyze and optimize campaigns or their digital performance for further enhancements. Little did they know, their value proposition of helping the local contractors excel could be used more effectively than they did. We even designed aggressive landing pages and create a unique domain to conduct all our marketing activities and analysis for them

What Solutions Did iSN Propose?

Without modifying the authenticity of the original website, we suggested using a different domain name altogether to track the ad campaign’s metrics. This would result in tracking the performance separately while als keeping the content on the original website intact for SEO purposes.

Started with Google and Facebook ad platforms but with an increase in the performance, we also oversee Capterra ads

Structure lead nurturing campaigns to increase the open rate of the leads.
Incorporated Simple Plain Text Mailers. A text-only email which creates a personalized feel because it looks like an email coming from an individual, rather than a company or brand. This strategy is helping in improving the subscriber engagement.

What Were The Final Results?

  • Nurtured campaigns to increase the open rate of the leads
  • With effective optimisation we managed to reach around 100 subscriptions which helped us in scaling the media plan which was $3000 when we started and through our achievements, we increased the plan to $12000.
  • Generated 500+ quality leads
  • Optimize & Analyse For Greater Performance

    We essentially understand your problems and tailor strategies that best fit your needs, to optimize for the highest performance, backed by data-driven analysis.

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