Data Mining for a Comprehensive Strategic Information Agent

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N-PX is an advisory service company that has Comprehensive Strategic Information as a service which they serve to their clients as per the client’s requirements. In this case, we need to capture the details of the shareholders on different parameters. The strategic data obtained is then used for further processing.

What Were The Client Problems?

Shareholders had to be separated by their shareholding pattern ( Equity, Debentures, Mutual Funds, ETC ) they have in the company. All the segregated data is captured by the system in which the analytics is then pulled out for further processing.

What Solutions Did iSN Propose?

We source all the information of the company shareholders from the security regulatory body. The shareholders are separated by their respective shareholding patterns. iSN uses a software tool to segregate the shareholder’s data and makes it easy to tell the shareholding pattern. Based on the data that we have received we prepare an analytical report.

Final Results?

iSN provided them with Data Management on various parameters to help them segregate whatever data they want. Also, introduced them to a ready technology tool, that will serve as a plug-and-play software for analytics. The tool is a level-up in the knowledge of the financial domain.

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