How iSN Group simplified the process of mystery shopping editing for its client?

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Mystery shopping editing


Retail / Hospitality / Health & wellness / Professional services

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Team Leader - Mystery shopping support services

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Vice President - Operations


January 2015


Focused on offering consumer insights that improve brand loyalty, our mystery shopping efforts extend to industries such as retail, hospitality, health & wellness, professional services, etc. We have designed an intelligent system that captures consumer experiences and suggests ways to elevate it.

Few of the client’s concerns

This client was very particular about specifications and wanted to maintain accuracy in whatever they did. They found the process of following-up tedious and a precious amount of time and efforts spent on it. This, in turn, proved to be challenging in terms of meeting strict deadlines for report submission. The freelancer model for the volume surge early every month lacked reliability.

Suggestions proposed by us

Our team volunteered to work on a real-time basis and take up additional volume early every month. We planned to follow-up with shoppers regarding any mission information through email or phone. When it came to time zone differences, we decided to play to our strengths and capitalize on it by enhancing our communication with shoppers.

The resulting effects

  • We enlisted a team of dedicated editors who put their best foot forward when it came to editing, did an excellent job at following up with shoppers on a real-time basis, and submitting the reports
  • Our successful strategy reduced the turnaround time for the client and this made it possible for the client to undertake several mystery shopping projects without increasing their fixed overheads