How iSN Group managed mystery shopping editing for its client?

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Mystery shopping editing


Real estate sector

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Team Leader - Mystery shopping support services

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Vice President - Operations


January 2015


In one of the most interesting mystery shopping scenarios, iSN Group offered apartment mystery shopping services and resident surveys to enhance resident retention for the top 50 property management enterprises. The client provides a bouquet of services in sales, marketing, resident retention, and business process improvement needs.

Understanding the client’s concerns

The client found that reviewing and validation of the audio/video recorded surveys was a time-consuming process. They also observed that each of the surveys required substantive editing, which proved to be tedious. There was a strict turnaround time for the reports and time going into following-up with shoppers.

Solutions proposed by iSNGS

At iSN Group, we are backed by an experienced editing team and we decided to get them on board. This team will be responsible for reviewing and validating the audio/video reports. Our team will also finalize the reports and follow-up with all the shoppers with regards to missing information or any discrepancies.

The final results

  • We proved to be a reliable and dedicated source for substantive editing and reviewing of audio/video reports
  • This gave the client the time to emphasize more on scheduling and other vital business aspects
  • The client took our feedback into consideration and customised their proprietary tool according to the reviews from iSN Group and made it more user-friendly