How iSN Group managed mystery shopping editing for its client?

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Mystery shopping editing


Global hospitality industry

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Team Leader - Mystery shopping support services

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Vice President - Operations


January 2015


A leading brand in mystery shopping services offers consulting services to the hospitality industry. They provide market research programs that shed light on customer experiences. This helps the client to stick with the same strategy or introduce new ideas into the strategy.

What were the client's concerns?

The client felt that their in-house schedulers’ team spent a huge amount of time on shopper follow-ups. There wasn’t any defined structure to be followed, which made it difficult for the client to rely on the freelancer model for editing. All of this was mainly impacting the turnaround time of the reports.

What was proposed by iSN Group?

We took it upon ourselves to follow-up with shoppers regarding their submissions, reworks, any missing information or discrepancies. We brought in our expert editing team who brought their skills to the table and reviewed and finalized shopper submissions on a real-time basis. We also made the most of the time zone difference to enhance our communication with shoppers.

What were the final results?

  • Our editors used in-house Transaction Recording System (TRS) to follow-up with shoppers more effectively:
    1. Add notes, set up follow-up times and other notification pop-ups
    2. Import 'Mystery Shopping Platform' reports to update shops and shoppers statuses regularly
    3. Devise customised reports that enhance the project management process for our clients
  • Efficient project management with less involvement in the client’s POC.
  • The client took up new mystery shopping projects without increasing the fixed overhead costs.