Increasing Business Standard's Reader Base & Establishing Them As A Go-To-Guide For News Research

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June 2018


We revolutionized our client on page and off page optimization, by taking them to rank from rank 1-20 for their target keywords.

What Were The Clients Problems?

The core objective of Business Standard was threefold - increasing the reader base, targeting influencers, and being the go-to guide for news.

What Solutions Did iSN Propose?

We worked on an end-to-end strategy to achieve the said objectives while constantly enhancing metrics like time on site & bounce rate - which are crucial in any publishing business.

The right communities and influencers were targeted to build a better share of voice between the competitors.

What Were The Final Results?

Took charge of the situation and worked towards building a quarterly growth of 25% with a focus on relevant traffic using very specific long tail and short tail queries.

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    We essentially understand your problems and tailor strategies that best fit your needs, to optimize for the highest performance, backed by data-driven analysis.

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