How iSN Group handled the contact discovery sales support service woes of its client?

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Contact Discovery sales support service


Online data marketing enterprise

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Team Leader - Sales support services

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January 2015


A reputed brand in the online data marketing business approached us for solutions. They wished to generate a contact database across the globe as an input for their business development team. We readily got on board to offer them our expert solutions.

What was our approach to resolving this problem?

Before delving deeper into the subject matter at hand, we had to devise and framework so that we can follow it accordingly. Our next course of action was to train the trainer program and implement the project execution plan. We ensured that we introduce semi-automation or some value addition to the entire process and conduct a weekly client call for better understanding and functioning.

What solutions did iSNGS implement?

Based on the client's input, we undertook a volume analysis and focused on recruiting as per the required competency. Our team leader was trained through video conferencing and we also carried out an associate training initiative. We identified data sources like LinkedIn, paid data sources and company websites and validated them. We devised a quality checklist for a better pre-delivery upload. We successfully identified the email validation tools. While the posts went live, we re-evaluated the entire framework to reduce TAT.

  • We set up weekly client calls
  • Conducted daily feedback sessions for associates
  • Held refresher training for average performers

What were the final results?

  • These measures proved to be highly beneficial and saved 30% cost for the client
  • The overall process became semi-automated with:
    1. Allocation of domains
    2. Field validation & verification
    3. Macro-created to test email combination
    4. Final output report that was generated was automated
  • Efficient project management with less involvement in the client’s POC.
  • The client took up new Contact Discovery projects without increasing the fixed overhead costs.