How iSN Group managed mystery shopping editing for its client?

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Mystery shopping editing


Global hospitality industry

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Team Leader - Mystery shopping support services

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Vice President - Operations


January 2015


iSN Group presented impeccable consulting services to the global hospitality industry and conducts thorough market research initiatives to assist clients and evaluate their overall customer experience. We have delivered mystery shopping editing services to various hotels, spas, cruises, restaurants, bars, etc.

What were the client's concerns?

The first issue that the client faced was that an immense amount of the in-house schedulers’ time went into following-up with the shoppers. This not only left the schedulers' to focus on other important aspects of the business but it also started having a negative impact on the turnaround time of the reports. The client also witnessed that there was a lack of structure and the freelancer form of editing proved to be highly unreliable.

What solutions did iSNGS propose?

iSN Group offered to follow-up with shoppers and obtain vital information related to submissions, reworks, discrepancies, etc. We also prescribed to capitalize on the time zone differences and make the most of this time by enhancing communication with the shoppers. Last but not least, we also got on-board a team of expert editors who reviewed and finalized shopper submissions on a real-time basis.

What were the final results?

  • Our approach towards shopper follow-ups and editing proved to be extremely fruitful. This resulted in reduced turnaround time for reports and exceeded client expectations.
  • The editing team at iSN Group uses the in-house Transaction Recording System (TRS) to improve the efficiency of follow-ups with shoppers.
  • Some of the unique features of this system include:
    1. Adding notes, setting follow-up timelines and notification pop-ups
    2. Importing the 'Mystery Shopping Platform' reports to update shops and shoppers statuses
    3. Designing customized reports that take their project management to the next level
  • The client could successfully take up more mystery shopping projects without a surge in their fixed overheads.
  • We introduced effective project management skills that did not require too much of the client's POC.