P100 – An immediate alert of online Financials

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P100 – An immediate alert of online Financials


Perfect 100 was an initiative that assures immediate key financial information in a database. The Annual Report (AR) should be discovered within 48 hours of its release ARs should be available to the clients in an editable PDF and further financial tables to be extracted in an excel format.

What Were The Client Problems?

Swift through the Investor Relations (IR) webpages of more than 60000 companies daily who may have released their ARs Download the image and convert it to an editable document. Collate the database and make it available within 48 hours

What Solutions Did iSN Propose?

Develop a tool that will map the release of the AR by companies. Alerting mechanism for only updated IR pages. Replicating the copy of the scanned document to an edible PDF. the financial information is then extracted in an excel sheet which is then collated to be served to the clients.

Final Results?

We contributed majorly in accurately implementing perfect 100 with the spontaneous information available to the clients. We provided them with a generalized tool for data mining and provided knowledge enhancement in the financial domain.

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