Seamless Verification For a Cheque Clearing House

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Orbograph is a software program for banking check clearinghouses. The images of the financial instrument (FI) are scanned into a system. Those details are entered into the system based on the scanned images of the FI. Accuracy of the highest order is the main need. High Penalization is owed for wrong entries. The accuracy is determined by voting mechanism as the same record goes to many associates and the majority is considered to be an accurate entry.

Client Goals

Orbographs’ main goal is to achieve as many as entries possible. They also want to maintain the maximum accuracy of those entries.

What Solutions Did iSN Propose?

iSN captured the data in the system. The data was randomly automated and then it went out to a dynamic number of associates. What Orbograph needs is accuracy. The accuracy of this data is majorly based on what the associates have done. After the data was taken care of accurately came the Billing. Now the whole idea of billing depends on the accuracy of the data and the number of clicks. Everything depended on the accuracy.

Final Results?

This is an ongoing project by iSN since 2002. There were 6000 entries an hour per associate/average of 30+ associates. We had 99.995% accuracy on this system. Which worked very well for Orbographs.

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