Three Key Approaches To Competitive Intelligence

The action of collecting, delineating, learning and distributing intelligence related to competitors, products, customers and any other side of the business environment required for the managerial and strategic decision-making process is known as Competitive intelligence. CI also includes improving the competitiveness of the organization relative to its complete environment and stakeholders. Let’s discuss the three […] Read more

7 Things you should be aware of your competitor to be industry topper!

To be an industry topper one of the most important aspects is knowing everything you can about your competition. This runs the full gamut from knowing their branding and marketing tactics to how they compensate employees and manage their business. Simply knowing who your competitors are, is not sufficient though it is also a most vital aspect. […] Read more

Here are top 7 ways to improve your earnings with mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a fun job even though many shoppers have a myth that their earnings are not satisfied. But they forget the fact that mystery shoppers get paid by the job, not by the hour. They have a benefit of not being depended on any boss or manager to increase the hourly rate. Mystery […] Read more

Prioritize Market Research To Keep Your Brand Afloat, Here Are 5 Reasons

All the marketers would agree that market research is very important for the business. The business landscape is constantly changing and to keep up with the change, market research is totally essential for the brand’s long-term success. Do you know companies who fail to make research a high priority drowns? Let us give you 5 […] Read more

Is Your Document Management System Suboptimal? Here Are 5 Signs

Each business needs to manage their documents. And different businesses do this in different ways; it can be by using a file cabinet, or in a brimming hard drive or a cloud-based server farm. Document management is one of the most important tasks for every business and the same needs to be done carefully and […] Read more

Debunked 5 Myths About Customer Experience

Most of us tell ourselves myths to survive. Like the societies, even businesses create their own mythologies to make sense to the world. Time and again there are many myths about customer experience which come up. And these myths help businesses deal with the uncertainty of the marketplace. But the actual truth about customer experience […] Read more

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