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Data Archiving For Enhanced Data Security

Many companies are reluctant about following one of the most important business process – Data Archiving. To explain the concept in simple terms, it denotes to archiving documents which are no longer being dynamically used and further moving them for separate storage. The decision to archive documents brings in increased security and functionality benefits to […] Read more

8 Most Popular Marketing Models

Marketing, as we know is the process of identifying, stimulating and satisfying customer’s genuine wants and needs. There are many different types of marketing models used by businesses. These models give us a framework to assess how we’re doing things now compared to our competitors and further helps in planning marketing strategies for the future. […] Read more

Different dimensions of Mystery shopping Program to beat the competition

Think about the current mystery shopping program you are conducting to keep a check on your employees or to get an insight on your customer experience. The most focus of the program is on store evaluations and on the phone to better understand the customer experience and enhance it for better services. With customers shifting […] Read more

Mystery Shopping Scams: Top Red Flags To Watch Out

There are many misconceptions about what a mystery shopper actually is. Sadly, it is because of the misconceptions that make people fall into mystery shopping scams. While it is an authentic job, and many companies consider hiring mystery shoppers to work for them, there is a vast majority of con artists looking to cheat people. […] Read more

How online data collection company aids marketing research

Market research to be effective, it should be objective, truthful and impartial. Every organization has its different needs, different working culture and different way of analysis. Any bias in the methodology will render the whole process a failure. Online data collection companies identify problems, challenges, solutions to solve them without being biased. If the marketing […] Read more

Spotted As A Mystery Shopper? Here Is What You Should Do

Despite hard efforts, there may be a possibility to be spotted as the mystery shopper. The reasons can differ, may be because of something you or a companion does, or it may because of certain shop requirements which somehow makes it clear that you are the mystery shopper. While chances are less that you would […] Read more

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