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Top 5 Market research vendors selection criteria

It is very pivotal decision to finalize upon market research vendors when there are so many factors to be considered for hiring best outsourcing companies for your firm. It is always very tempting to finalize the one who is quoting the lowest price of all. But at the same time, it is essential to check […] Read more

Data Standardization, Here Are 3 Lessons To Learn From

Data standardization is the most important part of ensuring data quality. If you lack standardization it would result in bad data, which can have several negative effects. Sending bad emails, mailing to bad addresses and losing customers are some of the negative impacts. This blog post would be discussing three important lessons of data standardization. […] Read more

4 Tips To Find The Right Respondents For Your Online Survey

The success of online surveys totally depends on the respondents, and finding the right respondents isn’t easy. Collecting the right data which would deliver useful insights depends on several factors. Asking the right questions that are unbiased and straight forward, choosing the optimal number of questions and the most important of all finding the right […] Read more

Is Competition Good For Your Business?

Competition exists in almost every field, yes it does and this is one fact you can’t get away from. Many of the businesses fear competition, but do you have any idea that it can actually be healthy for your business. Yes, competition is good for all businesses and today we give you 5 reasons to […] Read more

Turn your customer service staff into effective communicators with this tips

An effective and happily done communication with customers can even bring back the unsatisfied customer. For this staff should be trained to Rockstar communicators. The first step needed to improve customer service communication is to figure out how your business is currently communicating with its customers. This can be done in a variety of ways: […] Read more

A Broad Mystery Shopping Checklist to Aid Shoppers

Mystery shopping is a very popular part-time job for many people. Countless businesses hire mystery shoppers to evaluate their company’s customer service. As a mystery shopper, top-notch or beginner, you need have attention to detail. Here we bring for you a broad mystery shopping checklist to aid you in your job. Mystery Shopping Checklist 1.Check […] Read more

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