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Importance Of Revisiting Your Mystery Shopping Program

Many businesses who use the mystery shopping tool think that it’s just about putting the program in place and see the results flow in. While implementation is a big step in this process, it doesn’t end there. Think of the different updates and optimizations you could make in the program. Considering the same would surely […] Read more

Here are top 4 tips to write concise narratives for mystery shopping report

 Are you a mystery shopper? Do you think of your reports as ‘spilling the info’ about what you observed; just hitting the keys on your keyboard with your thoughts doesn’t necessarily provide our clients with a comprehensible report? We’ve all heard the saying, “Less is more.” But is that really true when it comes to a […] Read more

Benefits of contact discovery Services that will surely benefit your organization

A list full of contacts is like raw data. It needs to be processed through proper channels to convert it into ready-to-use data. This is a time-consuming activity and your sales team has to spend their valuable time in the validation of data. Isn’t it frustrating for them to identify the right contacts? This process requires […] Read more

Formulating A Customer Experience Measurement Strategy Made Easy

Are you one among those business owners looking to measure and improve your customer experience? Well, the first step to this would be to formulate a customer experience measurement strategy. This strategy, if executed properly would provide you with the opportunity to ensure that your set standards are met – if not exceed. And, what […] Read more

Electronic Document Management System: 5 Reasons You Should Move Into It

Even today, many companies are still stuck with paper documents. But the present business era is about EDMS, i.e. the electronic document management system. To implement this in your business, you would need to overcome noteworthy technical, financial and operational barriers. As a financial document service provider, we would help you effectively overcome these barriers […] Read more

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is one great way to measure customer experience and learn brand standards are being followed. Every business works hard to create standards which deliver reliable and exceptional experiences for the customers irrespective of the locations they visit. To achieve consistency, you need to ensure that your set standards are being met across the […] Read more

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