Contact Discovery

A big name in the Online Data Marketing Industry based in the US approached iSN for the generation of contact database across the globe as an input for their business development team.


• 30% cost saving for the client
• Overall process semi-automated
• Allocation of domains
• Field validation and verification
• Macro created to test email combination
• Final output report generation automated


• Framework setup
• Train the trainer program
• Project Execution Plan set up
• Semi Automation/Value Addition to the process
• Weekly Client Call

Solution Implemented:

• Volume analysis undertaken basis client input
• Manpower recruited as per the required competency
• iSN Team Leader trained via video conferencing
• Associate training
• Data sources identified and validated (LinkedIn, Paid Data Sources & Company Websites)
• Quality check list created for pre delivery upload
• Email validation tools identified
• Post go live, the entire framework reevaluated to reduce TAT
• Weekly client call set up
• Daily feedback session for associates
• Refresher training for bottom performers

Monthly Upload Volume:


Semi-Automated Application Screens:

Input Allocation Screen
Associate User Interface Screen
Final Output Generation & Reports Review Screen