Editing and Error Reduction


Case Study:

The goal of editing is to ensure/verify that all the end-client requirements are followed by shoppers. At times the shoppers do not justify their earnings for the shop by handling the assignments incorrectly, providing vague comments or incorrect answers and at times even commit fraud.
iSN editing team ensures that such type of shopper discrepancies are uncovered and reported to our clients (Account manager/Schedulers/Client Service Managers). The team ensures that shopper discrepancies are rectified internally through communication with shoppers or follow-ups, so that our clients do not have to waste time, and the report is submitted within TAT.
The situations which cannot be rectified are reported to clients, for example Fraud reports, Rescheduling situations or any other escalations that the clients would like to handle themselves.


When we received our first project for editing mystery shopping reports, we had knowledge of what Mystery shopping was and how editing was done. The team of 10 editors soon swelled to nearly 50 editors who work on reports from our multiple clients. With this experience spanning four years, the editors can successfully spot the errors in reports and judge if the report meets the standards set by the client.
Strict quality check and approval processes reduce the errors to zero before the reports reach the client. We have worked on more than 40 different reports, which include gas stations, restaurants, fast food chains, shopping malls and some branded clothing.
With our ever growing experience in this field, let us help you with our mystery shopping support services.


The editing process consists of various layers. The primary or level one is editing the reports submitted by the shopper. This first stage helps in removal of grammatical and factual discrepancies. Second level consists of communicating with the shoppers and the clients regarding the issues found in the reports or in the Mystery shopping process. Moreover, we notify our clients if there are some serious issues that cannot be fixed without re-scheduling the shop. Once the issues are fixed from shopper’s end, we work on standardizing these reports. We give highest priority to the feedback received from the clients.

Solution Implemented:

Comments Editing

The editors are well aware of how specific comments are important to various clients. Around 50% of the shoppers do not provide proper comments in full sentences or use good grammar. The editors decipher the situations depicted in the report and conclude what exactly the shopper wants to convey. The editor then adjusts & re-frames them (if required) for proper sentence structure, grammar and a meaningful comment.
As much as possible, the editors try to work within the client’s stipulated guidelines to avoid any report going out with shopper error. The editors will re-edit the sentences only if necessary. For this purpose they check the photographs if available or take help of the responses marked in the answers.
While editing the editor never manipulates the answers or comments until they are 100% sure after viewing photos or responses marked. If the message is not clear from the shopper, the reports are put on “Shopper Error”.

Quality Assurance

iSN has a QA team supervising the work of the editing team. This ensures that there are no editing discrepancies in the reports that are submitted to the end client. Their focus is to check the negative responses marked by shoppers. Our study shows that these negative marks in the report are checked by end clients thoroughly while many times the shoppers do not provide a proper explanation for their rating.
The QA team ensures that the negative marks have an appropriate valid comment. Moreover the QA team checks all the reports thoroughly for options marked and their comments. This helps our clients to keep their end customers happy and helps us keep our clients happy.

Editing Rules

The rules for comment editing of iSN are:
• The editor checks, if the comment and answer marked by shopper are matching.
• The editor checks the responses, & comments with the photos if any.
• If on some occasions the shopper has marked any negative answer and not provided any comment, the editor writes a comment on behalf of the shopper based on the response marked by the shopper.
• If the comment and the response conflict with each other, the editor marks such jobs under shopper error category.
• The editor writes a professional comment if the shopper has given a single word answer.
• The editor checks the overall comments for grammar. Overall comments are checked for language only.
• The editor doesn’t fill any comment on his/her own for overall comments section.
• If there is no comment provided in the overall comments section, the editor marks such jobs on shopper error.
• If the negative answer marked is matching with the photograph provided but not with the comment, the editor writes comments by viewing the photograph.
• The editor removes exaggerated comments regarding any issue and converts it into an informative comment for the client.
• The editor removes personal comments provided by shopper and converts it into an informative comment to convey the message.
• The personal comments and suggestions are kept as is, if it is required in the report as per client’s guideline.
• The editor, spell checks each and every comment and also checks grammar of the sentence.

Turn Around Time

The editing teams work 3 shifts a day. There are supervisors in each shift and they monitor all reports that are submitted. The team edits the reports on a first in first out basis. The editing works 6 days a week starting from Monday 7:30 AM through Saturday 11:30 PM IST. iSN generally offers 48 hours turnaround time to clients which can be reduced to 24 hours turnaround time with an increased pricing. iSN editing team edits more than 30000 reports in a month. There is always a 10 percent buffer trained manpower available that helps with editing on days with higher than normal volumes. The editing team has a daily target to achieve and this helps to ensure the TAT is met.