Finanical Document Enhancement

Perfect Information provides a set of productivity tools which enable investment bankers, corporate lawyers and other professional advisers involved in all aspects of corporate finance to operate efficiently and accurately:
• The client tracks the output of some 50,000 of the world's largest and most important quoted companies across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
• All publicly available financial information from these 50,000 companies is collected in real time, and stored locally and is available in its original form.
• Advanced search and other functionality enable customers to quickly find relevant documents and sections within the documents, and the act on those documents easily and confidently.
• Over 20 years, the client has built up a database of over 15 million documents and adds documents at a rate of 3,000 per day.

The Objective:

The client started this project with iSN in 2008. It started with the Indexing project and within the first 6 months, the client added the document enhancement projects. Below are the short descriptions of these projects:


The purpose of the sourcing project is to Search & Download Company’s Financial Reports for the current year. These reports included Annual reports and Interims for the current financial year.


The primary objective of the project is to Index fillings/documents of leading companies from US, UK, and Emerging Markets and the ones listed in top notch Stock exchanges. The latest (quarterly and annual) fillings of these companies in the form of Annual Reports, Bonds, Interims, RNS and SEC and or debt & equity prospectuses and or Merger & acquisition documents are to be accessed on the client’s online application.


The objective of the project is to convert PDF file into word doc by using fine reader OCR software for the same. The formatting should be in accordance to the input file given by the client. The next objective is to add the Client defined Styles to the document. These styles define the hierarchy of headings within a text document. They are based on paragraph formatting. The main purpose of these Styles is the creation of an extensive and correctly structured table of contents (TOC) for the word document.


The purpose of the Marking & Extraction project is to add bookmarks, tagging codes to the bookmarks and create links to the notes which would increase the accessibility of PDF Document.


The client provided detail instructions & training which helped iSN indexing & data processing team to understand the project requirements to complete the financial reports as per requirements.

Key Steps

After evaluation of the project in detail, iSN production team followed few steps to work on the financial reports before submitting them to the client. Please find those key steps as below:

Sourcing & Indexing:

• Dedicated financial team for both the projects
• Weekly call with client for the project updates
• Quality feedback from client & in-house team
• Open search to use new techniques for sourcing
• Developed in-house applications for Sourcing & Monitoring
• Registered on different forums to get updates on financial market
• Following World wild stock exchange websites

Rekey & Marking:

• Dedicated support team utilized for both the projects
• Weekly call with client for the project updates
• Quality feedback from client & in-house team
• Developed in-house applications for 99.997% quality achievement
• Dedicated PDC team to check random 25% data before uploading the data to the client

Key Outcome

After implementation of the above mentioned key steps, we found below outcome in the project for which client also appreciated in weekly touch-base calls. Please find below the key outcomes:
• Successfully running Indexing project since 2008 with 25,000+ financial document volume per month
• Successfully running Rekey project since 2007 with 60,000+ IPO & Bond documents per month
• Successfully running Marking project since 2007 with 140,000+ Annual Reports per month
• Successfully execute Sourcing project on archive (1991-2007) financial reports for 40,000 UK & US companies
• Developed in-house applications saves up to 50% production cost for Rekey & Marking projects


iSN has more than 5 years of experience in Financial document enhancing services for Financial analyst clients. iSN has continuously enhanced the process to provide better outputs the clients. The team at iSN is of well trained professionals who have expertise in finance domain. iSN helps clients to get accurate reports without any discrepancies and within the defined turnaround time.