Here are top 4 tips to write concise narratives for mystery shopping report

Here are top 4 tips to write concise narratives for mystery shopping report

 Are you a mystery shopper? Do you think of your reports as ‘spilling the info’ about what you observed; just hitting the keys on your keyboard with your thoughts doesn’t necessarily provide our clients with a comprehensible report? We’ve all heard the saying, “Less is more.” But is that really true when it comes to a mystery shopping evaluation? Almost all of our clients expect a good bit of detail from our shoppers, but they also appreciate when that detail is provided in a simple, concise manner. Therefore, here are tips for our secret shoppers on writing concise narratives for mystery shopping report.

Mentioned below are best tips to write concise narratives for mystery shopping report

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Write mystery shopping report to the point: Mystery shopping program is mostly about the employees and about the shop you have visited for the assignment, and not about you. Rather than saying, “As I pulled into the premise of the shop, I noticed it was clean and well maintained,” simply say, “The shop premises was clean and well maintained.” They also do not need to know all of your responses to all of the employee’s questions. Like – Ritz asked how we were doing. We told her we were fine and enjoying our day out. This second sentence is not really needed.

Paraphrase, rather than directly quoting what was said in the mystery shopping report: Usually, paraphrasing will make the point of the conversation clearly. If something unusual or inappropriate is said, a direct quote is good, but in other instances, it is not really necessary.

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Combine multiple shorter sentences into one single sentence: As an example, do not write a report with repetitive small sentences, but combine them together to form a single more clear and easily interpretative sentence. For example, the washroom was clean. It was stocked with supplies. It smelled fresh. You can combine that into one statement: The restroom was clean, stocked, and smelled fresh. Here is one more example for your reference – Tom answered the phone on the second ring. He answered with the proper greeting. He gave his name. You can use something like this: Tom answered the phone on the second ring, with the proper greeting, and gave his name. It will not only make your mystery shopping report concise but will also look attractive to the reader.

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Avoid repetition of similar statements/phrases multiple times in the mystery shopping report: When talking about the service, it is not necessary to always say that I was asked for this and then I replied this. Instead, cut it together in a way that the mystery shopping report seems to attend the motive behind the mystery shopping program. Here is another example – Jenny asked me what if I am a new customer. Jenny also asked me if I want the premium membership card. Jenny also asked me if I am interested in their VIP customer program. Instead, write it as Jenny inquired if I was a new customer and suggested me various membership cards and programs that I may be interested in. It should be clear and concise mystery shopping report. Similarly, avoid writing something like this: The menus were clean. The silverware was clean. The glasses were spotless and clean. Instead, that can be a single sentence: The menus, silverware, and glasses were clean.

These are just a few of the ways you can keep your comments more simple and concise in your mystery shopping report. Our clients appreciate reports with great details that get right to the point and serve the very purpose of conducting mystery shopping services.

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