Here are top 7 ways to improve your earnings with mystery shopping

Here are top 7 ways to improve your earnings with mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a fun job even though many shoppers have a myth that their earnings are not satisfied. But they forget the fact that mystery shoppers get paid by the job, not by the hour. They have a benefit of not being depended on any boss or manager to increase the hourly rate. Mystery shoppers can make more money per hour by working smarter and more effectively.

Here are some suggestions to improve mystery shopping earnings.

Mentioned here are top ways to improve mystery shopping earnings

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Choose appropriate mystery shopping service provider: When you choose assignments to take care that they are worth and it adds to your knowledge and skills. Beware of assignments that may get complicated. It is better to select appropriate mystery shopping service provider – who can give you worthy assignments and not a scam.

Look for familiar assignments: Performing mystery shopping assignment for the same client multiple times gives you an edge and comfort. Even the time you would spend learning the requirements and prepare per shop will be reduced substantially. Though you should be well aware of the current requirements as changes keep on occurring.

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Fill in with shops near other shops: Managing your work is one of the best attributes of an efficient mystery shopper. Traveling from one shop location to another consumes a lot of shopper’s time. Once you have a mystery shopper job set up, look for others nearby. Even if the pay for those assignments is a little less, you will not spend a lot of time driving to them and that gives you a better hourly rate.

Watch your spending: Plan your mystery shopping assignment well before hand. Little time spends on detailed homework is worth a lot. Decide upon the amount you would be spending as a secret shopper. Talk to your client regarding the money that would be reimbursed post the assignment. Every dollar you do not spend is another dollar added right to your bottom line. Keep your expenses low. Even if your amount is going to get reimbursed, don’t buy it for the sake of buying. If you don’t need it, you have wasted money.

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Perform activities collectively: Print out and review the guidelines for today’s shops all at once. Collect all the required documents like receipt, guidelines and scan them together. Then complete your report at once. Scanning one receipt and writing the report, and repeating the process again is time and money consuming. Instead, scan all of your receipts at once, then complete all of the reports. Check job boards and handle emails a few times a day rather than every five minutes.

Become a better, more confident writer: Writing a report is a crucial part of a mystery shopping program. The report is the only mode of communication between mystery shopper and client. You can spend a lot of time trying to get your reports written if you do not feel comfortable writing. Take a business writing class to become confident with grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and to learn to write faster.

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Check your reports carefully before you submit them:  If your report is incomplete or unclear, you will have to respond to questions from the editor. This would not only consume your time but it is irritating as well. Sometimes an editor may ask you questions about your assignment. Keep a detailed report of all the activities to save your time from last minute hush-bush.  Do it right the first time.

Each of the above-mentioned things will help you to make more money for each hour you devote to mystery shopping. Small changes slowly will add up to make big changes. Make this small change your habit and you would see the difference soon. After all small changes can add up to big money!

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