How painless problem resolution can create lifelong loyal customers

How painless problem resolution can create lifelong loyal customers

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Every company wishes to have a quick and easy problem resolution as their topmost priority. Great customer service is a leading way to create loyal customers. When it comes to looking at return on investment, it can’t be beaten. Customers often complain about terrible customer service when trying to return an order, contest a charge, or troubleshoot a malfunctioning product. In such situations, customers wish to have a hassle free process. If your company can provide customers with such environment for their problem resolution you can gain a lifelong loyalty.

Is your company driving people away with customer service problems?

Here are tips to create life-long loyal customers with painless problem resolution

availableAlways be available for your customer

The initial step to gain loyal customers is always being available to your customers. Having multiple forms of contact, like email, web chat, phone, and in-store customer service makes it easy for customers to choose what they’re most comfortable with. Even your each mode of communication should be highly effective or you may risk angry customers.

Customers easily get irritated when they have to hold a call for long, or drop it, stand in long queues, emails that are never answered, and many such scenarios. These situations direct customers’ anger to the company.

Even if waiting line is big informing customers about exact time can be relieving. Wait for the phone calls can also be eliminated by recording the estimated time. Emails wait time can be estimated by using an autoresponder.

timelyEasy and painless resolution of customers problems

A customer who is already having a problem if is forced to go through bad customer service, it would be the worst nightmare for him/her. In such case, it is essential to offer your customer with a clear path to a solution.

Spell out exactly which steps customers should take to get their problem solved. So when they arrive at customer service ready to work things out, rather than being combative and annoyed their problems get resolved painlessly creating loyal customers for life.

approachProvide solution without transferring your customer from person to person

The worst scenario, customers are faced with is, you just get finished explaining the problem in detail to one representative when you get transferred to their manager. Here again, you need to explain your problem from starting. Many times the problem doesn’t get resolved while the customer in pain just gets transferred from one representative to other.

The solution to this is to empower your front lines to solve problems without having to pass customers from rep to rep. Wherever it is essential to transfer the customer to hire authority to make sure that the representative follows the customer and representative himself explains the scenario to the manager.

Even if the customer is transferred on phone call make sure the rep had given a brief overview of to his manager before transferring the call. The manager can politely verify for details and clarify questions with the customer, rather than making her start over from scratch. This builds an amazing amount of confidence in the customers rather than feeling trapped.

listenListen to customers feedback patiently

Ideally, the company should have the policy to listen to the customer’s complaints minutely. Customer complaints should be treated as a source of valuable information to improve your customer service.

It is very easy to be defensive, but very vital to take customer feedback on the account and act on it immediately. As per surveys, only a few customers come back and bother to complain.These shows that for one single complaint there might be many unhappy customers who said nothing.

Always note that unhappy customers are more dangerous than those who are not loyal.Use those complaints as an opportunity to make your customer service shine, and gain loyal customers for life.

According to a research, the companies which rank top in customer experience Index ranking easily outperform the overall market, whereas the companies that were at bottom lagged behind. Their conclusion? “The Customer Experience Leaders in this study are clearly enjoying the many benefits that happy, loyal customers deliver: better retention, greater wallet share, lower acquisition costs and more cost-efficient service.” If you also wish to be part of such customer experience leaders avail services of iSN Global Solutions We provide a broad range of services right from mystery shopping, market research, financial document management, social media monitoring are just a few of them. Visit our website to have a better look at all our services and to know us better at

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