ISN’s journey to Maher

ISN’s journey to Maher

“Amazing things happen when people connect”.Maher

ISN’s Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) multiplies the impact of individual efforts to transform lives of orphans, destitute, and mentally challenged children and Adults. ISNs CSR team role is to bring sunshine into their lives by reaching out to them and spending enough time!

Maher (in the Marathi language) means “Mother’s Home”: A haven of hope, belonging and understanding. Their mission is to care for and shelter destitute women and children while enhancing their capabilities with a view to facilitating their life-long rehabilitation and to bring about the general advancement of the underprivileged in our society.20151110_164954_4

As of today, Maher caters to number of needy homes. Children’s homes – 28 with a total number of 850 children at the moment and 2360 beneficiaries. Women’s homes- 5 with of now 300 women and a total number of 2410 beneficiaries. Men’s homes-1 with of now 21 men and a total number of 49 beneficiaries.

ISN’s journey to Maher

When we reached their, Maher’s melodious voices with welcome songs lit up our spirit which was followed by Aarti. We distributed sweets, ration, and small gifts to children. We spent sometime just being with the children and old age women by listening to them.

Their continuous thanks with spark in their eyes and smiles on their lips made us realize that we are just a drop in the ocean.

It was a life changing experience by making them feel valued and precious.

Oct, 13, 2016




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