Mystery Shopping Editing

A Mystery Shopping giant provides consulting services to the global hospitality industry and offers marketing research programs to assist clients in evaluating their customer experience. Mystery Shopping services are provided across industries like Hotels, Cruises, Spas and Restaurants & Bars etc…

Client Concerns:

• Huge time involvement of the in-house schedulers for shopper follow ups
• This was also impacting on the turnaround time of reports
• Lack of structure & reliability with the freelancer model for Editing

Proposed Solution:

• iSN will follow-up with shoppers for their submissions, reworks, missing information, discrepancies, etc
• To capitalize on the time zone difference to facilitate the communication with shoppers
• iSN will have team of editors to review and finalize shopper submissions on real time basis


• iSN provides reliable dedicated resource for Shopper follow-up and editing which considerably reduced the turnaround time of reports to meet client expectations
• iSN editor team uses in-house TRS (Transaction Recording System) to follow-up shoppers effectively,
a) Add Notes, setting Follow-up times and Notifications popups
b) Import “Mystery Shopping Platform” reports to update Shops &
Shoppers status up to date
c) Design customized reports which helps project management
• Client was able to take up more Mystery Shopping projects without increasing their fixed overheads
• More efficient project management with less involvement of the client POC