Different dimensions of Mystery shopping Program to beat the competition

Different dimensions of Mystery shopping Program to beat the competition

Think about the current mystery shopping program you are conducting to keep a check on your employees or to get an insight on your customer experience. The most focus of the program is on store evaluations and on the phone to better understand the customer experience and enhance it for better services. With customers shifting their focus towards online business, on the phone and even on social media those channels of interaction are very crucial to enhance your customer experience. Mentioned below is a different dimension of mystery shopping program:

Dimensions of Mystery Shopping Program

Phone shops

Phone Shops: These are also the most popular type of evaluation right behind mystery shopping evaluation. Shoppers can evaluate the problem resolution process; get assistance with products and/or purchases, or other typical customer scenarios. If you add a call check component to it, then it can also give you an understanding like in-house mystery shopping program. And it can even be more convenient since shopper can directly record the call conversation as a customer and upload the audio clip directly to the report. It has eventually gaining more popularity with online shopping becoming the first mode of shopping.


Quality Call Monitoring: This is a new form of the performing mystery shopping program and is being adopted by many companies. To be specific, in the B2B industry, it has got more success. Through Quality Call monitoring the call may it be inbound or outbound is recorded and is listened by the third party. It is then evaluated in the same manner as a traditional mystery shopping assignment. It overcomes the concerns laid down by phone shops that are time spent may be quite less as compared to the real customer and the most important is that it may be difficult to fully mimic the actual scenarios. This will result in the data not being as effective as the actual experience.

online shop

Online Shops: E-commerce may have to face lots of problems with the purchasing or the return process. Mystery shopping can help to fill in the gaps in these service areas and improve the services to better serve the customer. For these, secret shoppers can be asked to make a purchase online. Here they can evaluate all aspects of online shopping like web usability, purchase process, problem resolution through phone, chat, email, or a combination of these. Going to the extent of tracking the delivery and evaluating the return process can make the online shopping more convenient.


Social Media Shops: Many businesses have made social media as their only way to get to customers. It is the newest dorm of customer service. In today’s world, social service should be as strong as an online service. Mystery shops can be used to evaluate response time, knowledge, and other key aspects of one or more social channels.

Mystery shopping is a key component in evaluating the customer experience. Traditional onsite evaluations are important and should remain the focus, but take a look at supplementing your program to capture data from all customer channels will give you the most information possible.  iSN Global Solution is a provider of all these services along with market research, financial document management and much more. Check our website www.isngs.com to know our services better. Mixing the mystery shopping program with new measurement tools is the best way to beat the competition in today’s world. Let us be your partner in staying ahead on the ladder of success.

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