Mystery Shopping Can Earn You Essential Business Insights

Mystery Shopping Can Earn You Essential Business Insights

Mystery Shopping

Companies use Mystery shopping to measure the quality of service, and the overall experience of the everyday customer. However, this concept of mystery shopping is not new. In ancient times, kings were known to mask themselves as commoners and mingle with the common people to find out the correct information about what people think about them and their kingdom.

Over a period a constant growth has been seen in the consumer demand for better service. Companies struggle very hard to meet this growing demand due to high employee turnover, declining profit margins, and growing competition. With the emerging Internet Shopping options it has made owning and maintaining a successful business even more complex and difficult, as Internet offers 24-hour shopping which is hassle free with no waiting lines, ease in products delivery and many options to choose from.

At such times, Mystery shopping can earn you very essential business understanding, let’s see how –

  1. Better analysis of competitors

Mystery Shopping

It is essential for well established companies to mystery shop their competitors as potential. It helps in giving a better and clear picture of who are the closest competitors, there pricing arrangement and many important information. It may so happen that the business may be able to identify a market niche’s which are not occupied by any of their competitors.

  1. Review of internal procedures & processes


Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopper exercises can in the documentation of buying your services /products or seeking customer support in details. Any deficiencies can be immediately detected and alterations can be made for the customers which benefits the customers. Mystery shopping gives a clear picture of the buying experience of the customer.

  1. Evaluation of Staff Performance

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping can be used as a training aid, as it highlights professionalism, effectiveness, honesty, appearance, and knowledge of your team during the process of buying. When a buyer buys a product/service they also buy the sellers team and their credibility. This particular kind of mystery shopping can provide you with vital information about specific employees, which can be of great use to the Human Resource Department, preferably this type of mystery shopping should be performed on an ongoing basis.

  1. Evaluating Point of Sale Material and the Retail Store

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shoppers analyse the overall shopping experience for a buyer, which comprises of how clean is the retail store, the way the products are displayed whether it’s a neat display or not, the space allotted to your products, Point of sale merchandise, etc. During the absence of management it becomes extremely important to know how your point of sale looks. Mystery shopping gives a proper insight on the point of sale for your product.

  1. Review customer brand perceptions

Mystery Shopping

Brands want to be linked with definite values and qualities, and these feel good features should be perceived by customers through your team, products, processes and establishments. For example, if a customer wants to buy a watch for $1,000. He/she would expect an exclusive shop, with a dedicated team that delivers them with top class buying experience. However, if any one of the elements of the buying process is missing, probably the buyer will not buy the watch. Mystery shopping exercises will show you if your buyers are perceiving the brand image as per your need or there is a need to invest more in this field.

Mystery Shopping is a very powerful tool, in most businesses, every customer’s buying experience directly affects future sales trends. A well-designed and well executed mystery shopper program can work as one of management’s most powerful tools, which can help to make each customer contact unforgettably positive.

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