Off-site Document Storage Is History, Here Is How

Off-site Document Storage Is History, Here Is How

Every single business doesn’t matter whether small or large, creates paperwork. From a multi-million-dollar corporation to a budding firm, tax forms, receipts, business minutes and other forms of correspondence creates the biggest problem called storage. In such scenarios, off-site document storage becomes one evident life-saver as it helps in clearing the storage areas by entrusting another company to store and protect your valuable data. But, despite being one great solution, today it has become quite irrelevant as many companies are moving to paperless storage for better access, sharing and security efficiency. Let’s discuss some of the most important reasons why off-site document storage has become history in the current business world.

Off-site Document Storage Is An Irrelevant Solution, Here Is Why

Image CC - What Stationers

Image CC – What Stationers

1. Inconvenience

Off-site Document Storage can cause a lot of inconveniences as the documents would be stored away from the office. This, in turn, makes it quite difficult to find important documents when you most need them. If you do not have immediate access to your data, it means you would lose valuable time and won’t be able to meet deadlines, which can cause loss of reputation and loss.

2. Cost

The second and the most important factor is the cost involved. Storing hundreds of chests of papers will cost you a lot of money. It would also involve huge shipping costs for moving important documents from your company to the facility. At the end, distance and extra time racks up and perhaps doesn’t make keeping an off-site document storage solution effective.

Image CC - chandlersarchives

Image CC – chandlersarchives

3. Security

The off-site document storage facility will always try hard to keep your data safe, but again this doesn’t come with a guarantee. Employees, storing boxes of paperwork can accidentally upon private information and documentation can go “missing” without anyone knowing.

4. Misplacement and Damage

Most of the off-site document storage facilities handle several other clients. This makes the chances of mixing up or misplacement of important docs higher. Even if your documents are all kept together, well organized, accessing and finding it easily is a matter of concern. Another thing to note is what happens when documents become damaged? There are chances of it happening. While the off-site document storage companies will take all the precautions needed to protect your data, a leaking roof, pests or fire still possesses the threat to destroy your important papers.

With the rise of electronic document storage systems, all businesses have the option of scanning and storing documents digitally. This makes this whole system much more secure, accessible and seamless. If you’re considering phasing out your dated, off-site document storage solution, it’s time to contact iSN Global Solutions for our document management solutions. Our services will help you cut your costs and drive overall efficiency in document management.

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