Reveal Shop – What it is and what are the tips to be pondered upon before starting one!!

Reveal Shop – What it is and what are the tips to be pondered upon before starting one!!

Isn’t the most fun part of secret shopping is keeping the entire program top secret? It’s a lot like being an undercover detective with an important mission. So, what happens when you are asked to give yourself away and confess your identity on the job? I agree with what you would say that mystery shoppers are supposed to remain anonymous while they are evaluating businesses. However, some companies prefer to choose a slightly different route for their secret shopping, which is typically called “reveal shops or reward shops.

What exactly is Reveal shop or Reward shop?

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Reveal shops are basically shorter evaluations that are not traditional in the sense that they are not evaluating the entire shopping experience. Most often, in reveal shop, one or two key behaviors are looked for like greeting customer with the particular slogan, or asking for identification from customer purchasing liquor or tobacco, or a cashier mentioning a specific promotion.

Once the secret shopper accomplishes the task of reveal shop, then they are supposed to “reveal” themselves to the staff. Many times if the staff does well and meets the criteria as specified by the industry or as specified in the guidelines, then the secret shopper is even asked to reward the employee with an on the spot bonus, gift card, or other incentive as provided by the client. This is why reveal shop is also referred to as reward shop.

Reveal shop is a good and fun way to spot check specific performance points, especially when done well. Sometimes the shopper is asked to reveal him or herself only if the employee does well and is to get an incentive.

What is done in case if no employee earns the reward?

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It depends on the guidelines provided by the clients while performing reveal’s shop. The secret shopper may be asked to leave the reveal shop without identifying yourself as the secret shopper. Or in some case, you may be asked to identify yourself to the manager and reveal your identity as a mystery shopper. In such case, the shopper would have to let the manager know that their service or product was not up to the standards. Sometimes the secret shopper may even be asked to return the gift card or other prizes if received by the client to reward an employee.

Here are some points to be pondered upon before you start with your reveal shop assignment!

Continue with your secret shopping: Reveal shop is meant to look for one or two specific things only. But it should not replace your full blow program because you won’t get the same detailed data. You can continue with your detailed mystery shopping initially and then continue with your reveal shop later.

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Decide how to reveal the secret of reveal shop: Some clients want the secret shopper to reveal their identity only if employees do really well and receive an incentive. This is the more preferred type of reveal shop. Both the reveal shopper and the employee would be comfortable with this kind of approach. Employees if are informed earlier about reveal shop would be on their toes waiting for their opportunity. While in case if employees don’t meet the standards, calling them publicly in front of all and the shopper, who is a stranger to them, can create a negative vibe for the reveal shop program.

Think through the effects of not being rewarded: When revealing shop program requires the shopper to reveal no matter if the outcome is positive or negative it becomes really tricky for a mystery shopper to handle it. In the case of a negative outcome, the shopper would be required to communicate the result very positively to employees. All employees should understand that not meeting the standards is not the end of the world, but it is something to be aware of and do better in the future.

Reveal shop is truly a great way to spot check specific performance points quickly. If the reveal part is well managed by all – secret shopper as well as the employees and the whole program of reveal shop is quite an exciting and quick way to perform mystery shopping. A well trained secret shopper can perform the whole program with a lot of maturities. iSN global solutions is a provider of such trained secret shoppers and as well as a service provider of mystery shopping services. Our shoppers will convert your reveal shop program into more fruitful one!

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