Support Your Customers And Heighten Their Trust In You With Our Wide Range Of Contact Centre Services!

Usually, Contact Centre services are considered as simply ‘call centres’. However, a contact centre is nothing but a medium through which your customers can reach you for their queries. It is also a platform where you can gain the confidence of your customers and even retain them with excellent support. If you wish to compel your customers to hold on to you for life, then you must have a good customer care service. And iSN has all the answers to your queries regarding how to set up and effective customer support base.


Need Of Good Customer Care System

An efficient Contact Centre helps you achieve business efficiency, increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction. In fact, in today’s world, customer satisfaction has taken the centre stage in business growth. iSN’s wide range of Contact Centre services help you achieve stability in business where all queries of your customers are answered by experts; and in turn you gain their loyalty.

Benefits of iSN’s Contact Centre Services

Here are some of many benefits that iSN’s Contact Centre services offer to our clients:
• iSN holds a fleet of experienced and knowledgeable executives who can handle your customers’ queries very efficiently.
• Be it any field, our executives will pitch in and support your customers to the maximum extent.
• Geographical location and different time zones are never an issue for iSN. We have teams dedicated to various time zones as well as different geographies.
• You can cover a wide base of customers irrespective of time or location. With iSN’s team of experts, you will be able to support your customers in real time.
• iSN provides both online and offline support when it comes to Contact Centre services
• iSN helps you in building awareness of your products and services amongst your current and prospective customers.
• iSN’s Contact Centre services help you save cost, time, resources, infrastructure and efforts of training in-house employees to support your customers.


24/7 Customer Service Desk

Stay in touch with your customers 24 by 7 and all 365 days with our Customer Service Desk. Now, your customers’ queries won’t go unnoticed due to our ‘always-alert’ team.

Technical Support

Your customers’ technical queries will be resolved with shortest turnaround time with the help of our team of experts. Our fleet of professionals will be available all the time to help resolve your clients’ technical questions about your products and services.


Lead Generation

Lead generation is the first and foremost step in generating business and making clients. Let us help you cross this first step successfully, which in turn will help you target the right clients and get business.

Appointment Setting

Don’t let mundane activities like appointment setting eat your precious time. Let our team of experts help your clients fix appointments with you. Never miss a client because of a missed appointment


After Hours Support

The business doesn’t end when it closes for a day or for a holiday. Now, don’t lose a client because you are on holiday, as our team will be there to fill in your space. You will always remain connected with your customers, no matter what time of day is it or year.

Chat Support

Connect with your clients with every possible way. We offer Chat Support, when your prospects prefer a chat over a phone call to solve their queries. Thus, you leave no stone unturned to be in touch with your prospects.