Promotional Offer Content

Raise customer awareness and loyalty through promotional offers

Promotional offers can be used to get customers attention to the product or service. Offering promotional offers from time to time can keep customers loyal to your product. In marketing it is called market mix element. It is the most important part which can keep customers stick to you for a long time.nnHence designing promotional offer becomes very crucial task. Customers are bombarded with many offers. Through TV ads, online marketing, outdoor advertising and radio customers are literally surrounded by offers. So how you will stand out? We at ISN write a promotional offer that can stand out and grab attention of your customers. The most important thing is to devise a great offer and presenting the offer in right manner to right audience.n


Case Studies

Tell a story of your product or service

Case studies are research methods involving an up close, in-depth and detailed examination of a given subject. It could be analyses of a person, event, decision, policies, company or brand. But in business they can be used as marketing tool.nnWe at ISN tell a story of a brand or any product or service through case study. They are used to illustrate and explain how a service or product can be used and its benefits to the customer. We can demonstrate the success of product or service to the customer. Case studies prove that as a provider you are successfully implemented what you commit to the customer.n

Email Content writing

Emails for promotion and marketing

A well written email can get attention from the customers. It is a very inexpensive tool to promote your product or service. There are many emails we receive daily about some product or service. We don’t even bother to open them, let alone read them.nnAn email should be cleansed, segmented, researched and perfect to the last detail so the customer can open it read. The first thing we see in an email is the subject line. If the subject line is not well written it will not get open. We at ISN have mastered the craft of email writing. Writing short, clear and persuasive subject line we can make sure that the is read. By doing our audience research and designing a creative and persuasive email we can promote any service or product.n


Reference Letter writing

Promote you qualities through reference letter

Reference letters are written to assess another person’s skills and capabilities in positive is normally used for university admission, scholarship applications or job applications.Reference letter can increase your chances of getting a admission or job. Having a good academic record or work experience a good thing but to put it in a right and precise manner is very important. It should highlight your achievements as a student and as a employee. It has to comprehensive but also clear and not violating any policies or copyrights. Also it is important to stick to the facts and not brag about something you did not do. We at the ISN can write a reference letter with awareness of policies and facts