News Writing

An unknown story about some event which happened recently

A news is any story about a recent event which was unknown till it is published. There are some key elements while considering a story’s “newsworthiness”. Timing is the most important key element. If it is not about the recent past and delivered in the immediate time frame it loses it's newsworthiness.nn There are other key elements like the significance of the news, how many people are going affect by the news. Proximity, prominence and human interest elements. We at ISN known how to deliver and present a news story, which will get the attention of the desired audience. With key elements of a news story and catchy headlines we can make a news story interesting and influential. A well written news story can generate many visitors to a website.n


Press Releases

A fundamental tool in Public Relations

A press release is, written or recorded communication to announce a range of news items. You can arrange a press release for scheduled events, personal promotions, brand promotions, awards, new products and services, sales accomplishments etc. nnA press release is considered as a very effective PR tool. A well written press release can help improving customer base of a product or service. For new products it works as a launching pad for the success. Writers at ISN have skills and experience to communicate a story about a product or service, which will definitely attract the customer. n

White Papers

A marketing document for persuading potential customers

White paper is a marketing and sales document issued by a company, an authority or an organization to promote or highlight a feature of a solution, a product or a service. It is also issued to state position or philosophy about a social, political or other issues.nnWhite papers can influence current and prospective customers’ decisions. Most white papers are designed for B2B (business to business) purpose. These are very influential marketing tool to promote a service or product. At ISN we write white papers which are persuasive and factual, providing a clear and simple solution for customers. n