Report Writing

Short, sharp, and concise document for a particular purpose and audience.

It is a factual paper and must be clear and well-structured. Generally a report analyses a situation or a problem and recommends future plan of action. An effective report could benefit knowing facts and evidences relevant to the specific problem or issue.nnWe at the ISN have ability to understand the purpose of report adhere to its specifications. Gather and evaluate the information relevant to the report. Analyse the information and structure it in logical and coherent order.Presenting report in consistent manner, while adhering to the instructions of the report brief. Making conclusions that are supported by the evidence and analysis of the report and presenting thoughtful and practical recommendations.nn


Catalogue Writing

A tool to generate leads or sales.

In general catalogues are tools for generating leads or sales. To write a catalogue for any product or service it is most important to know why business customer buy from catalogue. There are some reasons; saving to solving a particular problem. nnWe at ISN, design catalogues which are attention grabbing with catchy headlines and good photographs. Keeping it simple and making the copy engaging is what we do. Listing the benefits of a product and services and not just the features is the key. We use short sentences while keeping the active tone for communicating. We do not compromise on creative aspect of selling a product or service but we also don’t over compromise by bending standard authority checks.n

Brochure Writing

A tangible and credible sales and marketing tool in the era of internet

Despite the boom in online marketing, print still influences the buyers’ decision and it also supports online marketing efforts. The interesting thing about brochure is your customer can touch it, flip it and you can distribute it among the people who don’t have immediate internet access.nnA brochure is an integrated part of company’s marketing strategy. Brochures are written to sell a product, a service, a corporate image and even an idea. A company may have different brochures for individual products, each brochure should have consistent image of the company. While writing a brochure keeping the audience mind is very important. Is brochure is designed for B2B or B2C communication?.In this case we need different tone of voicen


Article Writing

Creating awareness of services and products through writing

Writing is not only an art it also a craft, which is developed only by practice. We at the ISN have skilled writer with experience ranging from content writing, technical writing, reports, and catalogue to writing case studies. nnWriting an effective article, includes information, structure, style, and how to make an article clear, precise and relevant for the reader.Article writing is like having direct conversation with the reader. Hence identifying audience becomes utmost important. Depending on the audience we can write an engaging article and get the reader hooked the article. Article must be interesting and easy to read and understand. nnWriting article on any given topic will increase the awareness to particular product or service. Many times people don’t understand what kind of service they need to adopt to further their business. By writing informative articles on services you provide, we can increase the awareness and need of these services. By implementing techniques like search engine optimization.n