User Manuals

A help literature for the user

The manual provides users with the information on how to use a product. A product can be anything from household product to mechanical and automobile to software. Manuals help users to know how to use a product in right and efficient way.

Hence writing a manual very important as a service provider or a manufacturer. It helps user to use the product more efficiently enhancing the productivity. In some cases using a product in improper way can result into a life threatening situation. We at the ISN write manual for different product and sectors. Our writer arean expert in authoring tools like Framemaker, Robohelp, DITA and image processing tools like Snagit. We have writer from different fields ranging from engineering, IT to pharmaceuticals.


Data Sheets

Quick, easy and affordable way to communicate information in a sales meeting.

A data sheet is a document that summarizes the benefits, unique qualities and features of a particular product or service that acompany offers. It in detail document describing the benefits of a product or service.

At ISN we prepare data sheets which are brief but highlighting unique qualities and features. Distinguishing benefits from feature while keeping it simple. Data sheets are mainly used for sales purpose, so keeping the audience in mind and collaborating with sales person we create an impressive data sheet.

Proposal Writing

Persuade customers to purchase your product or service

Proposal writing is persuading a prospective buyer to buy a product or service. A well written proposal describes the purpose of it, a plan and time frame and cost of it. It is also important to know the audience and their knowledge, to prepare the proposal in appealing language.

We at the ISN write proposals by planning, defining audience and defining issue with a solution for the same. We present the proposal keeping mind who will read it, a technical or non-technical person. Using language to persuade the reader with facts and giving relevant details.