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iSN Global Solutions supports its clients through various Virtual Assistance services. We serve with support across multiple functions on a monthly basis to ease out pain points related to Hiring, Training and Managing.



We have a detailed contact list which has the individuals who are interested in jobs. HIRING done by us at iSN with a detailed survey of the market behavior makes us more professional in our approach. We hire talent as per the demand in the market or as per our customer needs. The hiring procedure can be implemented to fresher’s from college and even for experienced individual if the demand is so.


We have a thorough training procedure here. There are training manuals given and classroom training conducted. We also have a detailed study on the work to be allotted to an individual. We give an on the job training;so that there is enough clarity about the job to be performed. We also explain our expectation that we have from the hired individual.



Managing people is the most trickiest part of all. We have managers who are from good management schools and experienced of managing people. Managing can be done not only with people by changing demands, but also by more work pressure, attending to client grievance, controlling absenteeism,or any ad-hoc situations. We at iSN have expertise to manage all this situation with an ease.

We have successfully partnered with our clients on the following:

Sales and Marketing Support:

We at iSN provide sales and marketing support.We have promoters who promote companies. Also, we have promotional offers and trends that can boost the marketing and sales of companies. We have exceptional techniques through which the sales can be maximized in the market.


Web Research Support:

Web research service is our forte. We have the best talent in web research in iSN. We can and have researched anything and everything for our clients. All you have to do here have trust and give us all your web research services.

Administrative Support:

Administrative support can be required by clients on an adhoc or daily basis. We also provide, such services. We have our team which work for administrative support and have different plans for our clients.


MS Office Management Support:

There is a management team which has people to set up MS Office and other MS related application. A training journal is also prepared for new users to follow. We have a combined pack of MS Office where all the related applications get installed in one go.

Data Population and Structuring:

Data Population and Structuring forms the core of our virtual assistance offering. Our data services team ensures that the data are arranged systematically and structured per procedure and requirement.


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Data Support Service since 2001