Financial Document Enhancement

Organizing, Analyzing and Enhancement of Financial Data

Only gathering data and not processing it intelligently is a futile exercise. Below are two major steps after the information is gathered.

• First that the gathered information is organized and analyzed in a systematic manner with various methods or theories.
• Second ,after the data is systematically arranged and analyzed, it needs enhancement.

Enhancement of data is a very crucial as without doing so, the data becomes irrelevant and obsolete after a point of time. Therefore, only collecting data is not enough. We, here, at iSN are very proactive and efficient in data maintenance.


Organizing and Analyzing- The two step process

The first part is organizing and analysis of data gathered. Once the data is gathered it is organized and then arranged in the order of relevance. There are applications used,to analyze the data,as per the customer need. Once the data is analyzed then our experts further do a review of the analysis and give their special observation on the data. The observation depends on the customer need and requirement.

The second part of enhancement of data is the crucial part. The data once analyzed cannot be kept untouched after that. Continuous enhancement of data is done and recorded in our systems. To enhance the data an enhancement tool is used which is automated. So, less time is consumed on the same. The customers also at times make a demand of the enhancement for a particular duration. Example the corporate actions happening on a particular stock for a year. These kind of data needs enhancements as per the market move.

Document Enhancement

Financial documents come in various formats. Again, different countries follow different standards. It is important that these documents provide the accurate information to analysts referring them.

Our Financial Document Enhancement services include Document Conversion, Bookmarking, Indexing, Table Extraction and XML tagging. The primary objective of the Indexing process is to Index financial documents of leading companies from US, Europe and Emerging markets which are listed on top notch Stock Exchanges. The filings of these companies are in the form of Annual reports, Interim, Bonds, RNS, SEC debt/equity prospectuses and Merger Acquisition documents which can be accessed from the online application.

The Document conversion process transforms a document file into the desired File format, adds level styles to the document and creates a Table of Content (TOC). The Bookmarking process adds bookmarks and tagging codes to the bookmarks and creates links to the notes which help to increase the accessibility of the PDF document.


Getting it right with iSN

The Financial Document Enhancement services helps improve productivity by quickly providing accurate and relevant information from financial documents to financial analysts and all other users of these documents.

Therefore, if you want your data to be organized, analyzed and enhanced then ISN is the right contact.Your data is safe with us.

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