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Get Relevant and Accurate Financial Data from iSN

Financial data have a lot of variance on daily basis, especially if it is market related. The stock exchange can be bullish or bearish for the day. We keep the detail information about the market movement of stocks i.e If the customer requirement is in depth, like for a particular stock and for a particular instrument type say debt instrument.The only motive is to give our customers ready data for their need and purposes.

Financial data can be of many types and can have lots of meaningful criteria attached to it. Our team of financial data researchers can provide any kind of professional data needed at your end.


What are the different types of financial data?

1. Financial data can be an announcement made regarding a new financial plan or an promoting a business change. We would have all the relevant data covered regarding the change of business and any new financial plan in the market.

2. The two most important comparisons within companies in the financial field is the Profit and Loss and the Balance Sheet. This information is also made available with all the important observations made by our professionals. We not only aim at providing the right data to the right customer. We also aim at giving them a reading edge of those data which will make things easier for them.

3. As the markets are very volatile, there might a need of market share data of companies which is also available here. Corporate action is another big name in the world of financial data these days. We give you types and application of these corporate actions. Applying such knowledge in your business will help to attain set objectives.

Why it is important to know right financial information

Getting the right financial documents at the right time helps Financial Analysts to conduct detailed industry analysis, which helps the consumers of these analysis to make right investments or take business decisions. There are 10,000 + listed companies in the USA alone and 25,000+ listed companies in all other countries across the world.

Business decisions when based on financial data becomes the most important parameter which should also be accurate and relevant. Here our professional make these two parameter there foremost objective. Thus, we have become the financial data hub for people around the world.


Why iSN is your right partner

iSN’s document sourcing team has rich experience in sourcing,financial documents like Annual reports, Quarterly reports, Announcements, Debt documents, Equity documents, Profit and Loss statements, balance sheet of limited companies, corporate action details, any new market strategy, the charts on market movements etc. from all the major stock exchanges across the world.

Through this experience, we have developed tools which help us monitor changes to any of these documents as well as scrutinize the client’s existing database to identify gaps in their financial document repository. We are the right people to find out all that for you.

iSN’s Experience

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