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We Monitor Financial Data At Our Best

Knowing the ecosystem that has direct and indirect impact on your business is key, but not your core responsibility. At iSN Global we help you to be on top of the key aspects of the market predefined by you. Monitoring data is a pre-defined task. We have specialized individuals who monitor data on different parameter. They have method and application which help them to monitor data all the time.

Data monitoring is a continuous process, especially when done globally for all the stock markets of the world. We put our best people and best effort in data monitoring. Be it the stock analyses or the market analysis, we do it with all the research. Our customers are given data weekly, monthly and yearly on the monitoring aspect. We also help create impact analysis and reports for you to go into the highlights of the week/fortnight/month.


Competitor Tracking

We keep a track of the data and the share price of any competitor firm. A competitor tracking is done on customer demand for better business strategy and enhancement of business skill.

Financial Information Monitoring

The profit and loss statement, the buying and selling in the market for stocks, shares, commodities. All such information is monitored as well.


Price Monitoring

Price of a share or price of a particular stock is monitored to keep a record of how the stock or share is performing in the market. This helps the company in decision making.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is important these days because people are very active in social media,hence the strategies and changes can be tracked through these sites.

Stock/Ticker Monitoring

The ticker is a symbol which is used by Bloomberg, Bloomberg is a channel in which all the financial information are easily available. Ticker or symbol change can be monitored via Bloomberg. Ticker change is monitored because there are reasons for a ticker change. The reason can be a new listing in any stock exchange or a formation of a new entity.
Hence monitoring of data is done with utmost care and accuracy. Give us an opportunity to help you with data monitoring.

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