Insurance Policy Servicing

We track all insurance policies of your clients from end-to-end to provide them the maximum benefits of your services!

Insurance Policy Servicing has been treated as an afterthought for a long time; this is because the main focus is always directed to policy sales, portfolio aggregation and regulatory compliance. But in real time, policy servicing is something that follows the client from the very moment they are handed over by their agent till, factually, the rest of their lives.
iSN Global Solutions, are very committed and ensure that our customers receive the best services and attention. We understand that your insurance policy is one of the most valuable assets for you. And keeping your policy in power ensures that you or your family continue to receive the benefits.


Submitting an insurance policy servicing request

1. Obtain the required policy servicing form
2. Accurately fill in all the fields in the form
3. Provide all required official signatures
4. Provide the necessary identity documents
5. Submit the completed forms and supporting documents
6. Payment

We are the experts of the following Insurance Policy Services

• Policy Changes
• Non-Contractual Changes
• Contractual Changes
• Reinstatement of Policy
• Non-Forfeiture Option
• Loss of Policy
• Cancellation of Policy
• Increase Sum Assured for rider

iSN’s team will assist you with all your insurance policy servicing requirements, and this is going to be throughout the course of your policy ownership.