Medical Billing Services

We can manage all your billing related needs very efficiently!

This comprehensive service of medical billing helps you to reduce your fixed expenses. At the same time, it also helps you gain access to our staff of revenue cycle specialists whose main focus is to optimize your revenue. We use advanced technology, which queues the work, applies edits to catch any errors in the early process, and also keeps the cycle time as minimum as possible. Our process is proven to provide optimal and prompt reimbursement.

We are an organization which is knowledgeable about all aspects of the revenue cycle. Further we are very passionate about customer service.


How do we work:

1. Reconciliation of all the charges received against your service log, this is to ensure all services rendered have been submitted for the process of payment.
2. A complete process which facilitates accurate and timely claims submission.
3. Review and tracking of all payments received from the payers for accuracy and appositeness.
4. Identify opportunities to advance practice efficiency.
5. Active processes and know ledged staff which help you stay compliant with regulatory mandates
6. Comprehensive reporting which induces transparency into the business operations.
7. Billing, payment portal and call centre which is Patient-friendly.

Our Medical Billing Service Include

1. Pre-certification & Insurance Verification
2. Patient Demographic Entry
3. Specialty-Specific Medical Coding Services.
4. Charge Entry
5. Payment Posting and Electronic Remittance Handling
6. Claims Submission
7. Physician Credentialing
8. Payment Posting
9. Account Receivables Follow-up
10. Denial Management
11. Reports management (Daily or Weekly)
12. Call Centre for Patient Inquiry and Follow up